About Extraordinary.

Business is not about winning or losing. Business is a creative process in which you must constantly create, change, and adapt. Instead than focusing on the end result, we decided to focus on how we play.

Who we are.

Consulteer is one of the leading independent professional services firms, employing more than 250 people across 8 offices throughout Europe. We deliver world-class full service, end-to-end advisory & engineering services. Our clients range from global industry leaders to the many small and medium sized organizations that are fully dedicated in making extraordinary products.

All for One.

All members of our group support each other, and the members pledge to support our group. An ecosystem where transparency, fairness and consistency are crucial to our success. Our rule is simple. We believe in the culture of us.


Becoming who we are.

Consulteer in its current form was established in 2021 when Consulteer fully merged with Schindler Creations. Back in 2007 both enterprises started as a one-man show and no one would have ever thought we would become the trusted partner of so many organizations.

With Consulteer, we have changed the quality of our professional home. We went back to the future to become who we are. Together as one company we are able to provide a widely extended service portfolio across multiple industries, resulting in even greater success for our clients.

We make human. technology. together.

Board of Directors

Dominic Schindler

Founder & Chairman

Maurus Riedweg

Founder & CEO

Executive Board

Yves Ackermann

CEO Switzerland

Lukas Wittwer

CEO Germany & Austria

Djordje Velickovic

COO Serbia & Portugal

Goran Lazarevic

Managing Director Fusion

Human. Technology. Together.

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