At the Forefront of the Financial Transformation

In today's rapidly evolving financial landscape, digitization and new technologies are changing customer needs, making it essential for banks and financial institutions to understand the entire customer journey.

For PostFinance, one of Switzerland's leading financial organizations with over 2.6 million customers, this meant the need to streamline their processes and provide a seamless user experience. To achieve this goal, they turned to Consulteer, a company with over ten years of experience in supporting banks in their digital transformation.


Understanding the Financial Ecosystem

PostFinance faced a complex challenge in understanding the entire customer journey and dealing with the intricate financial ecosystem. As a result, they required a deep understanding of the specific corporate structures to provide a seamless user experience. Moreover, the implementation of new technologies, strategies, and business models was crucial to meet customer needs.


Facilitating Process Automation with Camunda

To help PostFinance optimize their processes and provide a seamless customer experience, Consulteer recommended implementing Camunda, a process automation platform. Camunda allowed PostFinance to automate manual tasks, reduce the potential for errors and delays, and optimize their customer journeys.

Camunda also provided visibility into process data, allowing PostFinance to monitor and analyze their operations. This data could be used to identify bottlenecks, optimize processes, and make informed decisions. By providing insights into how processes are working, Camunda enabled PostFinance to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to optimize their operations further.

Consulteer's team provided PostFinance with extensive knowledge transfer throughout the project to ensure that they were successful in implementing Camunda. They also provided first-rate consulting services to help PostFinance optimize their processes further.


A solution that Covers all the Details

By implementing Camunda, PostFinance was able to automate their processes, reduce errors, and provide a seamless customer experience. The benefits of Consulteer's services were significant, as they provided PostFinance with the necessary technology and consulting expertise to implement Camunda successfully.

With Camunda, PostFinance gained visibility into their processes, enabling them to optimize their operations and make data-driven decisions. Additionally, Camunda's flexibility allowed them to implement the platform across a wide range of use cases, supporting their business growth and expansion.

Overall, Consulteer's expertise and Camunda's capabilities helped PostFinance streamline their processes, enhance their customer experience, and position themselves as a leader in the financial sector.

Ever since we started Consulteer, we have had a focus on the banking sector. What makes us different from the rest? We go far beyond simply implementing. Instead, we think and create alongside our customers. Reach out and together we can ensure the success of your future-proof fintech or insurance product.

Dennis Raisich

Business Area Lead


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