Advancing Surgical Simulation Training

Medical training is essential for students and surgeons to gain the skills needed to perform complex surgical procedures with precision and accuracy. Traditional training methods may not provide enough hands-on experience, leading to extended learning periods and potential errors in the operating room. To address this issue, VirtaMed provides medical training with life-like surgery simulators and realistic surgical instruments adapted to training.


Managing Multiple Simulation Scenarios

However, managing the many scenarios available on VirtaMed's simulators was a challenge, as it required a manual process that was both time-consuming and costly. VirtaMed needed an automated process that would help developers check if and which changes made in the surgical simulation affect its completion. This is where Consulteer and Nomtek collaborated to create an automated acceptance testing framework in Unity.


Creating an Automated Framework in Unity

The automated acceptance testing framework simulates all the tools used in surgical procedures, making it possible for developers to check every parameter of a scenario without manually performing the time-consuming procedure. Each test also simulates the actual procedure step by step, ensuring that the entire scenario is working according to specification. With one click, a developer can check if the procedure works after a change.

The testing framework developed by Consulteer and Nomtek in Unity is not only technically advanced but has considerable hardware demands in production. Although strictly medical, the project's reliance on Unity makes it similar to game development. The team is code-operating on people, a humbling venture into the complex world of surgery, and a great learning opportunity.


Faster, More Efficient Surgical Simulation

By using virtual reality simulators, surgeons can improve their skills and reduce errors in the operating room by working in a more realistic and informative training environment. The automated acceptance testing framework also ensures that all instruments and procedures are working according to specification, resulting in a more efficient and effective training experience.

Automated acceptance tests help VirtaMed check every parameter of a surgical procedure scenario without manually performing the time-consuming procedure. Acceptance tests inform when the app crashes and which changes are the culprit. Now, VirtaMed can create more surgical simulations and introduce them into the training curriculum much faster and with less effort.

The collaboration between Consulteer and Nomtek led to significant improvements in medical education and knowledge retention. The benefits of their work include:

  • A highly advanced testing framework that simulates all the tools used in surgical procedures.
  • Faster and more efficient creation of surgical simulations, allowing for more scenarios to be introduced into the training curriculum.
  • Improved validation of requirements through automated acceptance testing, reducing the risk of errors in surgical procedures.
  • Cost-effective and time-efficient process for checking parameters of surgical scenarios, reducing the burden on developers and testers.

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François-Pierre Vivot

Founder & CSO


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