Gain efficiency evolving your IT Landscape

Getting Agile

Agile Transformation of your organization. Your future success.

The Organisation of the future is agile. It enables you to faste react to the changing requirements to your IT landscape. At the same time it better aligns your effort with the business goals. We support you in this process.

Transformation Components

Conventional IT Organizations are eclipsing when it comes to how fast and accurate value is delivered to your core business.

Define your agile end game of your organization and have the backing from your top management.
Identify where an agile organization can generate value fast and efficient
Pilot and Adapt
Pilot a new organization in a small cell in the target area. Learn and adapt as you go along.

Our Approach
An iterative Process to derive your very own agile organizational model



Identify where value is created in your industry and where you want to be uniqueDefine your value streams from a start to end perspectiveIdentify which elements can benefit from a increased agility Design the new structures and reporting lines
Identification of organisational groups that belongs to the value streams
Define your core capabilities and disciplines

Agile Teams


Identify the teams and their roles to identify the value streams
Select the best way of agile work for each team
Define the requirements on the core processes, your people and the technology to enable agility
Identified the changes required in culture and the mind-sets.


Decide on an implementation approach for each value stream
Develop the organization road map
Create a back log
Priorize the next steps