June 4, 2020


Taxi rides will never be the same again

Taxi business – just better

Running a taxi business has never been so simple. The CTS platform is all-in-one: a unique, simple and complete solution for the taxi business, tailored to the needs of a taxi company no matter its size. CTS allows the users to book rides via Android/IOS app or through call center and automate back-office and driver operations.

Identifying the problem

Everchanging ride hailing market puts enormous pressure to traditional taxi businesses. In order to prevail they need to change the way they operate and engage their users.

Subpar user experience
We live in the experience economy. Traditional businesses like taxi companies need to put the customer in the center of their operation in order to prevail.
Suboptimal business operations
Taxi companies have too long relied on traditional methods to run their operations. They need a way to make business impacting decisions on a daily basis based on realtime operational data. A shift in the way how they operate their business is imminent.
Legacy technology
Any modern taxi operations cannot sustain if it depends on traditional POTS services and manual dispatching. Automation is required to stay afloat.

The Result

Taxi business has just became better. With our solution even a small taxi business will be able to compete with big players and provide modern solution to their clients and disrupt the transportation business.

State of the art software solution for drivers, end users and backoffice to digitalize traditional taxi business operations.

Djordje Veličković

COO Serbia