June 4, 2020

Virtual Racing

More than a game

E-Sports Racing with real simulators – driven by Community

E-Sports is not computer games but community. With the appropriate set of functionality and technology we enable Racing Unleashed to build a members community that brings E-Sports to a new level.

Identifying the problem

E-Sports is a highly agile and innovative new industry. Customers attention is key to success. Offering a compelling experience needs an innovative and versatile software solution.

Uncharted territory
Racing Unleashed is something no one did before: Members race each others from home or in real lounges with real training simulators.
Gamification: Versatility is key
The member portal allows Racing Unleashed to connect to their players by building subscription plans, products and communities amongst multiple countries and languages using gamification tactics.
Its about the experience
A good user experience incentivizes members of Racing Unleashed to spend more time in the community. Our UX-Team accepts and masters the challenge.

The Result

With our customer we’re continuously evolving their members gaming experience while providing business value. Our agile approach „codeless business iterations“ provides a versatile software product that enables our customer to try new gameplay products, memberships and business independently from development iterations. As a result the customer can pursue a greater vision and be a more innovative player on the market.

A vital solution to connect our members with the gameplay and maintain a strong community.

Lukas Meyer