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The Data Lake: Bringing Digitization to the Public Sector


Modernizing Legacy Systems to Improve Efficiency & Security

As with many public agencies, the Swiss government has had to manage increasing complexity as the amount of data they handle grows. However, they faced a challenge in effectively leveraging this data across different departments due to outdated systems and a lack of resources. This posed significant security risks, putting operational capabilities at risk.

To address these issues and meet the goals of the Digital Switzerland Strategy 2023, the government needed to modernize their systems and bring together diverse business sectors, stakeholders, and data types.


Data Lakes: A Secure and Scalable Solution for Government Agencies

To address this challenge, Consulteer recommends replacing legacy systems with modern technology, such as data lakes. Data lakes are scalable, fast data storage solutions that can house both unstructured and structured data. This technology is cost-effective and can break down information silos inside a company, creating a uniform data pool that spans all divisions.

Our experts from the areas of business intelligence, system architecture, and cybersecurity can provide consultations, operational implementation, and staff empowerment in the form of training.


Actionable Insights & Improved Efficiency with Data Lakes

By replacing legacy systems with modern technology, the Swiss government can achieve the following benefits:

  • Actionable data and greater security: Data storage in the data lake is far more cost-effective than data storage in a data warehouse. This technology can enhance the security of data and ensure that it is securely and efficiently handled, resulting in actionable data.
  • Increased efficiency: With the implementation of a data lake, business analytics and data mining are more efficient. This results in more streamlined processes and cost savings.
  • Achieving Digital Switzerland Strategy 2023: The implementation of modern technology can help the Swiss government become a leading digital country, as outlined in its Digital Switzerland Strategy 2023.

Consulteer is committed to supporting the Swiss government in its efforts to modernize its systems and achieve its digitalization goals.



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