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The Data Lake: Bringing Digitization to the Public Sector


Legacy Systems that lead to Security Risks

With outdated platforms, public agencies must manage increasing complexity. The challenge of effectively leveraging data across different departments stems from a lack of resources and outdated systems. Furthermore, this poses significant security issues, putting operational capabilities at risk.

Bringing together diverse business sectors, stakeholders, and data types represents a challenge that we gladly accept.


Replacing Legacy Systems with modern Technology

A frequent way for handling vast volumes of data is to use data lakes. It's a big, scalable, fast data storage that can house both unstructured and structured data. More and more businesses are adopting this notion due to the benefits of good automation, IT security, and compliance. That’s why we decided to use it with governmental organisations.

Our experts from the areas of business intelligence, system architecture, and cybersecurity, supported all action areas with consultations, operational implementation, and staff empowerment in the form of training.


Actionable Data and greater Security

Data storage in the data lake is far more cost-effective than data storage in a data warehouse. Furthermore, the notion may be used to break down information silos inside a company and create a big, uniform data pool that spans all divisions. As a result, business analytics and data mining are more efficient.

Government-related institutions, in particular, will be able to securely and efficiently handle the flow of data that will result from digitalization. From process consulting to service deconstruction and identification to solution architecture, our professionals are there to help.



For more than 10 years, we have been accompanying the public sector. Combining in-depth industry knowledge with a broad network, guarantees the right solutions by integrating within various organisations.

Philipp Orator

Business Area Lead


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