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Digital Transformation for greater User Experience

Bystronic is a global leader in the field of sheet metal processing technologies. As a fast-growing company, they are listed on the Swiss stock exchange. With over 3,000 employees throughout the world, they provide high-quality transformation solutions for a productive and sustainable future. The digitization of the sheet metal sector is being aided by the intelligent integration of their laser cutting equipment and press brakes with novel automation, software, and service solutions.

The web application RAM Dump Analysis is developed for simple and fast processing and analysis of errors and processes during production. Our UX Experts designed the contemporary application with the following goals:

  • To facilitate the work of the support team and to simplify the communication of all parties
  • Creating an all-in-one tool
  • Improving the support processes; to solve 90% of the cases until 2nd level support
  • Enabling fast finding of necessary information and causes of errors
  • A complete UX experience; an intuitive user interface and well thought-out interaction logic coupled with a flawless usability.

Complex Systems simplified

Thanks to deep-dive user research techniques, Consulteer gained an advanced level of domain insight which helped us get to the most effective solution.

Throughout the design process, we made sure that the user experience addresses the critical aspect of the information organization. Having this in mind, we simplified for the hotline role experience and made machine diagnosis much more efficient.

The design solution also completely supported a flexible design to ensure that the online system could enable greater access in the future.


A complete Customer Experience

With the new web application RAM Dump Analysis, Consulteer was able to significantly improve Bystronic's service and support processes. Thanks to the all-in-one tool, 90% of service cases can be solved before 2nd level support. Thanks to an intuitive user interface and a well thought-out navigation concept, errors and their correlations can be quickly and easily diagnosed and clearly mapped.

Specifically, the cost savings from enhanced UX allowed for a faster and more efficient learning process. Thanks to tight collaboration, we reached to the best user experience, cost-effectively.

Our implementation-oriented process with intelligent end-to-end solutions & in-depth technical knowledge enables you to remain relevant in the market for many years to come.

François-Pierre Vivot

Founder & CSO


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