Consulteer & Schindler Creations have merged

Becoming who we are: Consulteer

We are proud to announce that Schindler Creations & Consulteer have merged. Both businesses began as one-man operations in 2007. Nobody would have ever imagined that we would grow to be the trusted partner of so many organizations.

We also never imagined that we would ever become one of the leading companies in design and technology within the DACH-Region. With this merge, we’re taking our two businesses to the next level, or how we call it: Becoming who we are.

Through this merger, we unite more than 200 employees from 8 offices across Europe. Our clients range from global industry leaders to the many small and medium sized organizations that are fully dedicated in making extraordinary products.

Together, as one company, we are now able to provide you with a widely extended expertise in the fields of Business & Strategy, Human-Centered Design and Technology & Delivery.

We do not limit our abilities by providing services in only a few industries – we work using a cross-industry approach, because our clients also operate in a variety of different sectors such as:

  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Medical & Life Sciences
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Mobility & Logistics
  • Energy
  • Industrial & Machinery
  • Public Sector & Security and Telecommunications

This leads to even greater success for our trusted clients.

The Story of Evolution

Over the past 3 years, Consulteer and Schindler Creations have worked together intensively, combining 30 years of technology and design experience. Both companies were managed by the same leadership team as well as shareholders.

This is why we decided to begin the next chapter in both of our companies' histories. We are now operating under the same name to make it easier for our long-standing as well as new clients to recognize us as their one trusted partner.

This is why we’re going back to the future to become who we are: Consulteer.

Human. Technology. Together.

Our ability to offer a broadly expanded service portfolio across several industries as a single firm enables us to help our clients succeed even more. The redesign of our brand is the cherry on top.

“We believe that in the past 20 years people have somehow learned to think like machines. In the next 20 years we will make machines think for people.” (Dominic Schindler, Chairman)

Consulteer will continue its path at the forefront of innovation - providing highly-specialized design and engineering services for customers who are fully dedicated in making extraordinary products.

We make it. Extraordinary.

Human. Technology. Together.

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