Redefine sensitive Data Control


Designing for Accuracy

A compact design that even challenges the start keys of the automotive industry - this was the claim to fulfil with proven 2nd generation SMARTkey® principle. DMG MORI has replaced the traditional key box with a DMG MORI SMARTkey® system that is unique in the machine tool sector.


Redefining Access Management

Our further developed SMARTkey® is noted for wireless transmission of a personalised access key, which has four different authorisation levels. The integrated USB memory activates automatically each time the machine starts up.


Faster, Simpler, Smarter

We were able to achieve significant improvements in quality, functionality and personalisation compared to the first generation on. Features such as even more resistant materials or the etched stainless steel emblem are representative of the project's progressive nature. Machine program data can now be transferred even more easily, while any machine damage can be effectively avoided.

Our implementation-oriented process with intelligent end-to-end solutions & in-depth technical knowledge enables you to remain relevant in the market for many years to come.

François-Pierre Vivot

Founder & CSO


Human. Technology. Together.

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