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How Machine Learning is Improving Cyber Security

Machine learning is the answer to today’s cyber security challenges. Machine learning algorithms essentially build models of behaviors and use those models as a basis for making future predictions based on newly input data. More

Tools Of Tomorrow: AI Innovation and Your Business

When we look at emerging and developing technologies in 2018, there are few examples that are receiving as much attention as the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This is especially true for businesses and companies that are looking to extend their competitive edge by providing customers with cutting edge products and services. More

What would you do to make Einstein proud of you?

Innovation involves a visionary, strategic and a systemic lever to effect business breakthroughs, changes, competitiveness, growth and value. This enables organizations to... More

IT & Project Managing Models: Nearshoring, Offshoring & Remote

Time is a valuable luxury that no organisation likes to waste. Outsourcing gives you this freedom, allows you to grow in the direction you intend, and boost productivity for you and your organization. More

accelerating teams with agile frameworks like LeSS, SAFe and DAD

To compete in the market today, companies need to focus on the improvement of their departments to complete projects more quickly. To help your teams work effortlessly together, new agile frameworks might be your solution. More

Consulteer Hosts Rails Girls in Zrenjanin

Rails Girls goes Zrenjanin - First Rails Workshop for women in our office in Zrenjanin More

3 Use Cases Elasticsearch allows you to start immediately

The following three use cases enable you to generate value from your elasticsearch cluster pretty much instantly. More

5 Technologies That You Should Start Playing With in 2018

Let’s take a look at a few other technologies that could worth adopting early, or at the very least, educating ourselves about so that we aren’t blindsided should they become the runaway successes that they have the potential to become. More

Goldmining - Or how to get most out of your data

While data is generated at a unprecedent pace businesses struggle to extract the insights from the data. Data Lakes may be the solution More

Why Digital Transformation is About Strategy, Not Technology

Often times Digital Transformation is used in the context of technology. We do find this is too shortsighted. Find out why More

The increasing relevance of predictive analytics

With technology advances outpacing most people’s understanding and even needs, identifying which solutions should form part of your company’s future can be a minefield More

How to foster an online community of fans

What we can learn from a distillery marketing our product or service online More

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