3 Use Cases Elasticsearch allows you to start immediately

The following three use cases enable you to generate value from your elasticsearch cluster pretty much instantly.

With today’s  diverse application landscapes data analytics is mostly bound to one specific application leaving massive value on the table. Elasticsearch helps you to unlock the value with the following three use cases you can start with. 

3 Use Cases Elasticsearch allows you to start immediately

Central Logfile & Monitoring

These days even small companies operate virtualized environments of 20+ nodes. As bigger the IT landscape grows as more time consuming it is to monitor the environment. Elasticsearch can help you instantly. By installing a simple agent (Beats) on each node, parameters such as CPU, Memory, Disk Utilization can be monitoring from a central place. Additionally the log files from all hosts are available and full text searchable at one place.


Application Payload

A use case that is often neglected is to monitoring an track the application payload data. This can range from transactional systems by tapping into relational databases to monitoring API calls and the payload. In addition to log files this enables your support to have a fast overview on a specific customer claim.


Process Monitoring

Finally any processual data such as BPMN runtime execution data can be brought together at one place. It enables you to measure elapsed time, to detect cases that are stuck in the system or even to proactively fetch the instances that are most likely to be problematic.


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