Opening Coworking Space & 3rd Birthday Party

We've celebrated 3 years since we've opened our nearshore development center in Zrenjanin

Attendees had the opportunity to listen a inspirational lectures from board member Mr. Dragoslav Milovanović, a CTO of Consulteer Mr. Robert Jenei, and from the CEO and founder of the company Mr. Maurus Riedweg.

Opening Coworking Space & 3rd Birthday Party

«New co-working space in Zrenjanin is designed for everyday work and will enable further development, innovation and cooperation.» - Maurus Riedweg

Co-Working space is designed by the Western European models of co-working spaces, offers two conference rooms, work desks and a comfortable chairs, free WiFi, a coffee, a water, a place to relax, a table football, a private space, and constant support from our developers.

Opening Coworking Space & 3rd Birthday Party

What awaits us in the next period are inspiring lectures that will be held in our co-working space. Check out the video from the co-working space opening.

We invite You to follow our website for all detailed informations.

Meanwhile, check out the photos from the opening.

Ivana Petrov  
Marketing Manager | Consulteer

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