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Optimise your cost structure or increase the flexibility of your software development organization: Thanks to the Consulteer Nearshore Model.

Our nearshore center in Serbia employs only certified experts. The foundation of our experts is a Bachelor degree and know how of the State-of-the-Art programming languages and technologies.

Directly lead your nearshore team or get the support from one of our Project Managers. The combination of a local contact point in Switzerland and experienced developers in Serbia enables you to efficiently implement your projects.



Seamless Nearshoring

Do you have an idea or plan a new product? But you lack experienced Software Developers? With our seamless nearshoring model you benefit from an optimal cost structure and efficient processes. Your project or product will be implemented with a blended local and nearshore organisation. Thanks to a swiss contact person the communication paths remain short and you do not need to have any existing experience with Nearshore- or Offshore Projects.


Extended Workbench

Do you need experienced software developers that extend your team? With consulteer you flexibly extend your software delivery capacity in an uncomplicated way: We complement your team with expertise and technology know how and enable your to scale your projects quickly.

« Consulteer enables us to extending our internal software development capacity fast and straightforward. consulteer is a reliable partner that fits perfectly into our agile software development process. »

Philipp Koch, CEO
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«A strong software development partner is your future advantage.»

Dragoslav Milovanović
Principal Consultant
+41 79 683 94 14

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