New Technologies transforming Industry Requirements

Energy supply is in a rapid state of change caused by the emergence of new energy supplies. Renewable energy has set new standards.

New business models enabled by digitalization and new technologies also contribute to the accelerated transformation of the sector.

The key success factor for the upcoming change is a strong customer focus coupled with great agility. It has become vital to realign a company’s IT strategy, define a new set of requirements and plan technical and organizational changes to support business strategy.

New Environmental Opportunities

For every new technology that arrives on the market, there are opportunities for new hardware and software to be created to help facilitate big changes.

Renewables, circular economy, clean energy, decarbonisation, solar, sustainability, along with digitalisation, are the main keywords that should be found on an energy utility company's roadmap. All day-to-day activities and decision-making should be in favor of the global energy goals.

At the same time, Consulteer has climate change in its roadmap, and we're taking proactive steps. We cover end-to-end product development, both hardware, and software, along with energy consulting from our experts who make sure you hit your energy objectives.


A diverse Team that meets all Market Needs

Thanks to our end-to-end approach, we can implement new products, services, and IT platforms in line with market requirements. Our interdisciplinary team of experts combines great technical know-how with strategic cross-industry knowledge and helps you bring about change with clear customer benefits.

By working with Consulteer, you can:

  • Complete a painless energy transition according to a predefined strategy
  • Accelerate your company growth in the utility sector having renewable energy, solar energy, regulators, and a sustainable future in mind
  • Create a technology solution that meets all renewable energy standards and prepares you for a future with zero emissions

Consutleer's On-Demand Renewable Energy Experts

Our proven expertise in dealing with complex IoT integrations and architectures, as well as Big Data, help to make processes, plants, and systems of utility companies cyber-secure, efficient and sustainable. By integrating user-centric design methods into all development processes, we consider the entire value chain of the energy industry and thus intelligently drive change.

Here's just a glimpse of all the products & services that we offer:

  • Management for renewable energy projects that includes product, design, and innovation strategy
  • An agile approach to energy consulting that covers roadmap development, process design & deployment, and business analysis
  • Energy product experience design, including all design types like industrial, service, UX/UI, design-to-cost, and 3D modeling
  • Implementation of newest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Internet of Things

A clean energy future for everyone. Let's build it together. Contact our energy experts to start the transformation today.

The energy market needs agility more than ever. Consulteer helps you stay ahead of the competition by covering the entire energy product development process.

Dragoslav Milovanović

Principal Consultant


Human. Technology. Together.

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