Giving Shape to Innovative Strength


Friendly for Users and the Environment

Based on the existing design, the theme of electromobility was given a tangible form in just a short space of time and a design concept for the machine and HMI was developed that communicates the pioneering local zero emission technology. The interplay of dynamics, performance and e-mobility is what makes the LB 16 stand out. These values could be harmoniously implemented in the design.


More Joy of Use with Increased Safety

With a 10-hour run time, the LB 16 unplugged is also the highest performing battery-driven rotary drilling machine. The high performance of the electric solution is communicated via the dynamically designed hood, which offers an elegant analogy to the Power Tools batteries. The battery cladding contains complex radial intersections, which underlines the high level of engineering skill. The charging station area is optimally designed with the user in mind, and enables easy and efficient plug in & plug out.


Zero Emission, Full Power

The LB 16 unplugged is emission-free and counteracts particulate and noise pollution. The newly developed rotary drilling machine is setting standards for operator- and environmentally friendly use on construction sites.

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François-Pierre Vivot

Founder & CSO


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