Guidelines for the Next Generations of Automation Systems


Productivity, Quality and Flexibility

Different design approaches from different times created an inconsistent appearance of the DMG MORI automation portfolio. Furthermore, a high degree of diversification of the cabin design in combination with a limited amount of common parts generated additional costs.


The modular Toolkit

By creating uniformity for the entire automation line of our partner, the design was standardized. The modular construction kit is the result of a comprehensive design strategy, in the course of which the creation of CI-defining standard elements and common parts was placed in the foreground. In the process, the grown automation portfolio was analyzed holistically and systematically broken down into logical functional units.


A highly flexible Working Environment

By creating common parts for the entire automation line, the design has been standardized. Specific design standards create independence without increasing costs. The sum of the elements results in a highly flexible modular system. The overall appearance stands out from the machines and gives DMG MORI automation an independent face, but is still in context with the DMG MORI machine design language.

From the initial concept to the latest implementation phase, this was another successful large-scale project with the result of making daily work easier for many thousands of users.

Our implementation-oriented process with intelligent end-to-end solutions & in-depth technical knowledge enables you to remain relevant in the market for many years to come.

François-Pierre Vivot

Founder & CSO


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