Integration into the Digital World


A Risky Working Environment

The FLEXCORE pump family is the next evolutionary step in the pump sector. Thanks to unique modularity of the housing and an IoT-based maintenance solution, it can flexibly adapt to almost any situation and requirement. Created for demanding applications, e.g. in the shipbuilding, power plants or oil platforms, it is extremely robust, virtually wear-free and unrivaled in ease of maintenance. When developing the IoT-based Smart Pump Application, a high data density had to be considered while conserving the battery.


A Universal System

With the intelligent Smart Pump Sensor the pumps can be monitored at any time: For maintenance based on operating hours, early fault detection or root cause analysis. The heart piece is a sensor unit that measures the temperature and vibrations of the pump and transmits them via Bluetooth to the smartphone of the operator. In a backend, this data is evaluated, generating reports, warnings and recommendations for different actions. Thanks to this connection, the formerly purely mechanical pump can now be integrated into a modern IoT network.

The pump housing can be rotated to adapt to different input and output port positions. Uniquely solved adapters with interchangeable end pieces allow connection to all common flanges used in the industry. The emotional design of the housing emphasizes the power and durability of the new pump. Consulteer also created the new brand name FLEXCORE to express the pumps' key features.


Improved Modularity and reduced Downtime

Outstanding is the ease of use due to the extremely simple installation and maintenance. Moreover, all pumps are running well via permanent monitoring by the app in the background. This resulted in a significant reduction in production downtime.

The design of the pump housing allows a high degree of installation flexibility, which is unique in this product segment. All parts are freely accessible for fast commissioning and maintenance. The modular housing and adapter system allow easy replacement of spare parts and cost-effective production. In addition to all functional advantages, the FLEXCORE pumps have an outstanding appearance that distinguishes Leistritz from its competitors.

The industry is undergoing a massive transformation. With our in-depth knowledge in this industry, we help you understand how your customers use your products and take advantage of the latest technologies to redefine the playing field.

François-Pierre Vivot


Founder & CSO


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