New Technology Centre in Ljubljana

Consulteer continues to grow and opens new technology center in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Internationally, Slovenia is becoming increasingly popular, especially due to its picturesque, magnificent landscapes, but the country also has an important strategic bridgehead function economically as the "gateway to the Balkans". With Ljubljana, we are closing the geographical gap between our three technology centers in Serbia and our locations in the DACH region.

The Gateway to the Balkans

The relatively small Slovenian market plays a key role as the "gateway to the Balkans". Good economic and trade relations with the countries of the former Yugoslavia rooted in history, a labor market with a well-educated, often multilingual workforce, and a legal system that meets EU standards make Slovenia an ideal gateway to Southeastern Europe.

Center for Artificial Intelligence

In 2020, the first European research center for artificial intelligence (AI) was opened in Ljubljana under the auspices of UNESCO. It is a tribute to the pioneering role played by the Josef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana in the development of artificial intelligence. As early as the early 1970s, the institute began developing AI technologies in the areas of neural networks, data modeling, heuristic search, machine learning and qualitative reasoning. Today, the Institute is considered the best AI research facility in the world.

The attractive geographic location between our established sites, access to highly specialized human capital and proximity to promising key technologies make Ljubljana the ideal location in line with our growth strategy.

The new technology center will play a key role in developing cutting-edge products that strengthen our customers' competitiveness.

Human. Technology. Together.

Human. Technology. Together.

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