Racing Unleashed

E-Sports Racing with real Simulators – driven by Community


It’s about the Experience

E-Sports is a highly agile and innovative new industry. Customers attention is key to success. Offering a compelling experience needs an innovative and versatile software solution.

A good user experience incentivizes members of Racing Unleashed to spend more time in the community. Our UX-Team mastered the challenge.

Develop in the moment and engineer the future. Design driven approach enabled us to create a bigger picture of the whole product which allowed us to define the base functionalities and in doing so helped the stakeholders with decision making that influenced the entire development process.


Gamification: Versatility is Key

Our web based solution includes a dashboard, membership management, ride booking, competition and event overviews. Members of the Racing Unleashed community are always informed about upcoming races and events and have immediate access to their telemetry data.

Mobile Apps for Android and iOS embody all features of the Membership web solution empowered with mobile concepts like sharing, push notifications etc. Ride booking is far more comfortable via the app, it comes handy for members to see where they stand with their best performance and find the round times of all drivers in the always up-to-date ranking list.


Uncharted Territory

Racing Unleashed is something no one did before: Members race each others from home or in real lounges with real training simulators.

For the purpose to provide an unique E-Sports experience to customers and involve a sense of belonging it was essential to create a platform for establishment of the Racing Unleashed community.

At the same time keeping track of the current running time and rankings, empower member’s competitive spirit. This membership solution enables exchange between passionate racers and occasional gamers and brings them all together, no matter where they are racing from.

Human. Technology. Together.

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