Innovation in patient treatment

Healthcare Revolution

Revolutionizing meeting doctors

Meeting a medical doctor never has been easier. This platform automates scheduling appointments and allows to meet your doctor from any device at any place. It enables medical doctors to meet their patients in a state of the art digital fashion while maximizing their time.


Identifying the problem

Bislang waren Arzttermine an ein physisches Treffen zwischen Patient und Arzt gebunden. Insbesondere bei Erstbesuchen ist dies nicht erforderlich.

Real Live Experience Digitized
This app should mock a real live doctor visit as close as possible in order to have a zero explainability approach and to have a good user experience for users of all ages.
Real Live Problems solved
Most realtime apps break when they leave lab conditions. A particular challenge is the handling of device settings, bad connectivities and other error scenarios that contribute to a good user experience.
Device Independent Solution
While WebRTC is widely available it has major limitation on IOS Platforms. Therefore it became necessary for a native app implementation of WebRTC in an IOS App.

A native IOS WebRTC App that overcomes the natural Google/Apple incompatibilities.

Maurus Riedweg


We build a native WebRTC App that seamlessly integrates with a secure WebRTC Backend and handles possible edge cases in terms of device variance and data throughputs in an efficient and understandeable way.