Reimagining the Bathroom Experience


Allowing Users to Design their own Bathroom

Hauspunkt is a Swiss trade and construction management company that covers everything you’d need in your home—from the floor to the roof.

The main focus of the user-centered design and development process was the creation of an interface that allows the user to arrange bathroom elements individually and freely.

Once the configuration is complete, a results page provides specific installation instructions with additional information such as technical drawings, a profile cutting list and a bill of materials.


Making Bathroom Vision a Reality thanks to 3D

At the heart of the innovative configurator is a comprehensive 3D library that allows the user to visualize room dimensions and elements. Moreover, they can move the chosen elements to the desired position.

We created a specific calculation algorithm that ensures that material definition and positioning is done according to the manual. The use of the SVG format allows for a highly precise creation of the technical drawings with correctly placed elements, connections and dimension lines.


A Solution that covers all the Details

The high level of user-friendliness of the configurator results from the comprehensive installation kit. This enables the user to simulate the entire assembly process with all technical details: from the placement of the elements to the profile lengths to the positioning of the connectors and the sanitary elements.

Not only is the arrangement of the hygienic elements carried out in a closed and simple workflow, but also the recording of the needed materials and the cost calculation.

Human. Technology. Together.

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