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Creating an Experience of global Scale

Developing a sports application to support a sporting event of global scope required collaboration with global stakeholders. The UX design activities were carried out in close coordination with the International Olympic Committee as well as the Beijing Committee.

The expectations placed on the usability and user experience were correspondingly high. To meet these criteria, it was crucial that the design performance followed a certain standard. There had to be a framework to ensure a successful application.


Consistent UX across all Devices

An expert evaluation was the starting point for improving the user experience in the existing system. A usability report identified potential improvements for the Olympia Special. The design implementation was completed in time for the 2022 Winter Olympics. As a result, we have contributed to the design system and ongoing usability improvements.

The users and their needs were the driver of the development from the very beginning. With its easy navigation, intelligent search functions and personalization, the sports app offers a quick entry into the world of sports.

In addition, the modular approach, which we call Atomic Design, results in a consistent user experience across all mobile devices.


More than just contemporary Design

Our partner benefited directly from the integration of a critical UX perspective into the team. The revised design of the sports app not only meets the requirements of contemporary design, but also forms the basis for a continuous and efficient further development of the digital sports experience.

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Yves Ackermann

CEO Switzerland


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