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Intuitive Control for Complex Systems


Making Digital Machine Operation easy

We embarked on a mission to develop a new control panel with a focus on digital machine operation concept, highly improving the ease and intuitiveness of its handle. Only the essential physical controllers should be included.

The new panel will be shared by all subsidiaries of the UNITED GRINDING Group to achieve a continuous and unique user experience throughout the whole Group. It should be attached to the machines using the existing connection concept (arm) to secure easy and retro-fitable implementation.


A new Panel tested in real-life Situations

The new C.O.R.E. panel is extremely slim, light and has a clever ergonomic layout. Instead of buttons, the user is presented a modern, clearly arranged 24" multitouch display arranged in a portrait format. This is the optimal solution for using fully digital user interface, increases user's comfort and also saves space.

We minimized physical buttons to the essentials for handling basic machine functions. We analyzed and approved buttons placement, just like the entire panel layout thanks to a series of tests with users, based on real-life working situations. The newly designed rotary override switch in the center is a complete custom solution developed during this project.

It also allows personalized access using RFID key system, thanks to the built-in front camera and bluetooth. To increase the user’s comfort, the panel can be adjusted in tilt for optimal working position.


Intuitive Machine Handling

Thanks to the new panel layout and the large multi-touch display, we achieved a new and unique user experience in CNC-machine operations. The user experience was highly improved due to the new layout and ergonomic distribution of controlling elements.

As the new panel is shared by all subsidiaries of UNITED GRINDING Group, we achieved a consistent user experience. As a part of the C.O.R.E. ecosystem, the Panel, together with the C.O.R.E OS establishes a technical foundation for installation of addtional digital products directly on the machine, as well as other IoT and data applications.

Our implementation-oriented process with intelligent end-to-end solutions & in-depth technical knowledge enables you to remain relevant in the market for many years to come.

François-Pierre Vivot

Founder & CSO


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