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Saving Time in the Process - thanks to new Interaction Concept


Under rough Conditions

For a manufacturer of surveying technology, the user interfaces of two products had to be modernized and optimized. Mobile use on construction sites under often adverse conditions (rain, cold, wearing gloves, etc.) played an important role.

Familiar user behavior from everyday life, e.g. with smartphones, is also becoming more and more prevalent in this area. For the two different surveying instruments Captivate (more mathematical) and iCON (basic), the interaction concept was to be redesigned - the interface was the main focus, including the reorganization of the (geo) data structures, the mobile application area (combination of physical operation and touch) and responsiveness. The expansion of the market in the USA was also a point to be considered.


Reduction as a success Factor

Reduction as a design guideline - Based on user journeys and pain points, clear, optimized interfaces were developed in the form of wireframes. A reduction of icons and control elements was a logical consequence.


Noticeably simple

Greater efficiency on site and in the office not only ensures cost benefits for customers, but also greater motivation among employees. Powerful, modern user-centered interfaces create a clear market advantage, simplify usability and lead to faster capture of relevant information.

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