Securing Telecommunication Systems in the Defense Sector


Secure, permanent and autonomous

National defense agencies must be able to receive and relay information securely and reliably at all times. Since civilian systems can fail in extraordinary situations, the armed forces need their own crisis-proof IT infrastructure. This makes it possible to transmit data and voice from data centers to mobile terminals in the field via a dedicated transmission network. Civilian mission organizations can also benefit from the infrastructure.

Secure, permanent and autonomous: These were the demanding requirements. To be able to guarantee these functionalities in the long term, the technologically outdated and isolated IT systems had to be renewed, expanded and combined into a unified platform. Army telecommunications is a system network - it consists of various systems that must be combined into a functioning whole.


Every Step of the Way

Our dedicated project managers and system architects were primarily involved in all the procurement steps, which involved procuring, installing and testing a large number of systems. Strong interpersonal and communication skills were required in order to lead and motivate stakeholders and suppliers. In addition, the training and further education of around 10% of all army personnel had to be ensured.



For more than 10 years, we have been accompanying the public sector. Combining in-depth industry knowledge with a broad network, guarantees the right solutions by integrating within various organisations.

Andri Steinmann

Business Area Lead


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