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From origin to identity

C Portrait: Dominic Schindler


Welcome to an exclusive interview with Dominic Schindler, Founder and Chairman of Consulteer. Discover the visionary mindset he embodies, the principles behind his success and the journey that shapes our human-centered approach. Explore how these elements define and drive Consulteer's brand and values.

Dominic believes in the power of wisdom, creativity and experience over mere knowledge. His approach to innovation is deeply rooted in ensuring that technology serves humans and not the other way around.

Through his experiences and beliefs, we gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to turn visions into reality and achieve excellence in both personal and professional realms.

What’s the essence behind Consulteer’s human-centered approach?

Dominic: Whatever we do - we do it for humans. People too often forget that everything around us is made by humans for humans. Too many people have learned to think like machines, rather than making machines think for people.

At Consulteer, we believe in a future that is not driven by knowledge, but driven by wisdom, creativity, and experience. This principle is at the heart of our innovation, ensuring that technology is a tool that serves people.

How do Consulteer’s core values contribute to our success?


Dominic: Our values - 'All for One,' 'We Care & Grow Together,' and 'Accountability & Commitment' - embody our dedication to synergy, growth, and responsibility. At Consulteer, everything we do is a collective effort.

These three core values fundamentally revolve around care. If you truly care, you will always grow, and at the end of the day, you'll be accountable for your actions - every single day.

This is our recipe for success. With these three ingredients, both as an organization and as individuals, remarkable achievements are within reach.


Teaming up makes us stronger. 1+1 equals 3 or 4. When I was young, I believed in individuals, but over time I realized that big games are always won in teams.

You see it in sports like tennis and golf - it's not a team sport, but you still see players acknowledging the team pulling the strings in the background.


The power of a group of people is much greater than that of one person. The principle of the Borgs in Star Trek, who connected all their knowledge and experience, made them unbeatable.

The greater the collective, the stronger the synergy. My extensive experiences living abroad and immersing myself in various cultures have helped me assess personal situations extremely well.

How do you turn a vision into a successful reality?

Dominic: A true vision doesn't just happen - it becomes more tangible the more you work on it. To reach goals, we must face various challenges, experiencing both success and failure. Inspiration and passion are not given - they are earned.

Often, you start something because you see what others don't. Others may call you crazy or even a troublemaker, but I've experienced that it's always worth pursuing the things you truly believe in. Sometimes they work out, sometimes they don't.

If they don't, it's no fun, but at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter since you simply have to learn to get up and do it again. Failure is good, and admitting failure is even better. Once you learn, success is just a matter of time and persistence.

Who are your role models, and how have they influenced your journey & vision?

Dominic: I have always admired people who have accomplished things which were against the odds. Those individuals or organizations whom everyone said, "This is never going to work," but who persevered and proved everyone wrong. These are the people who inspire me the most - those who have the spirit of resilience and determination, constantly striving to overcome obstacles and achieve their vision.

Role models like these teach us the importance of courage. They remind us that success often comes from taking bold steps and embracing the possibility of failure. Their journeys illustrate that belief and relentless effort can turn seemingly impossible dreams into reality.

How do you overcome challenges?

Dominic: The biggest challenge is to become a better version of yourself. Along that journey, you will always face obstacles, difficulties, and perhaps even the underestimation of others. But as long as you trust in your growth, you are going to overcome these challenges. Winners are those who keep going despite losing.

I often find that challenges reveal new opportunities and insights that were previously unseen. This perspective helps in maintaining motivation and drive. Additionally, surrounding oneself with a supportive team and fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation can make a significant difference.

At Consulteer, we take challenges as opportunities for growth and innovation. We encourage our team to take bold steps, learn from failures, and persistently strive towards excellence.

What sets Consulteer apart? It's clearly the human-centered approach, our strong focus on people in everything we do.


Kathrin Speidel

Head of HR

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