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Tailored to the Needs of Machine Operators


A very good Interplay

The challenge with this project was to enable a coordinated and harmonious interaction with the drilling machine tailored precisely to the needs of the user, both physically and digitally. The unique and innovative operating concept of the new GRUNDODRILL generation is the result of a careful, thorough development process completed in close collaboration with master drillers and our ergonomics and biomechanics experts.


High Degree of Innovation

The futuristic “Straight Dynamic” design displays pioneering mechanical engineering with a high degree of innovation, which offers even better ergonomics and easier handling for the user.

Through a combination of the latest control technology and intelligent software together with a high degree of automation, users can concentrate fully on what matters most: drilling.


Optimized Processes

The cabin design provides a perfect overview of the drilling facility and the entire surrounding construction site, even without having to pivot the cabin, as has been the standard procedure during operation until now.

This means that processes are optimized to the construction site thanks to the fact that even smaller areas are needed, and the negative impact on residents, traffic routes, etc. around the drilling facility is further reduced.

The industry is undergoing a massive transformation. With our in-depth knowledge in this industry, we help you understand how your customers use your products and take advantage of the latest technologies to redefine the playing field.

François-Pierre Vivot

Founder & CSO


Human. Technology. Together.

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