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The easiest Way to document Business Travel Expenses


Travel Expense Reports take up a lot of Time

Given the fact that the number of business travels is increasing not only within Germany but also internationally (currently, around 1.2 million business travels are processed per year), there was a need to reduce the amount of paperwork required for travel expense reimbursement by digitalizing the entire process.

For employees of a german transport company who are constantly on the move, submitting their travel expense reports in paper form represents a real challenge. The conventional process requires their presence and a large portion of their valuable time.


Adding Travel Expenses on the Go

Employees can now enter and pay their travel expense reports while on the go. No matter where they are, they can a smartphone or tablet to get a simple, accessible, and up-to-date experience.

The app not only stores data and receipts but also verifies their accuracy and completeness. At any moment, the user can check on the progress of his or her travel cost application. It is not only incredibly user-friendly but it is also coordinated with the appropriate tax office, which processes refunds.


A simple and secure Service for All

The end result was a win-win, for both the employees and the company. The employees of the german transport company have access to a simple, accessible, and secure service that they may use at any time and from any location. The user-friendly approach ensures that mistakes are minimized and that all information is always available in the quickest time possible.

The transport company gets digital input data from the travel expenditures app immediately, allowing it to handle it directly using automation systems. This removes the time-consuming task of scanning paper sheets. The company uses SPS' secure mail technology for data delivery of travel cost reports.

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Lukas Wittwer

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