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The Digital Switzerland Strategy 2023

At its meeting on 3 April 2020, the Federal Council approved the current strategy (then the Federal ICT Strategy 2020–2023) and the 2020 Master Plan for its implementation. The strategy focuses on aligning federal information technology with business needs in the best possible way and supporting the administrative business in the context of its digital transformation.

The priority topics selected for 2023 are:

  • Digitization of the healthcare system
  • Digitization-friendly law
  • Digital sovereignty

Consulteer sees itself as a proud partner of this digitization strategy and actively supports most of the topics in cooperation with departments and federal offices. Together, we are setting the course for the digital transformation of Switzerland.

Interview with Philipp Orator, Business Area Lead - Public Sector

In the following interview, Business Area Lead Philipp Orator provides exciting insights into the opportunities and challenges of digitalization for federal authorities and how Consulteer supports the next step of digital administration and technical infrastructure towards more sovereignty and resilience.

Each year, 2 to 3 focus areas are defined for the digital strategy. Which do you see as particularly important this year?

Philipp Orator: Digital government services are very important right now. As we saw in 2020, there can be exceptional situations where authorities are overloaded. In the future, there should also be more digitization in many areas of the administration. In particular, the focus on digitalization in healthcare has made progress and can build on the steps already taken.

Consulteer is active in ICT consulting in the federal sector. What does it mean?

Philipp Orator: We are active in the so-called value chain end-to-end. Since we originally come from UX/UI design, but also have competencies in development, project management, business analysis, requirements analysis and maintenance, we can offer the customer tailored services in the planning and operational phases. This makes us the one-stop store for ICT consulting in the federal environment.

What does it mean to be successful in your profession?

Philipp Orator: When the customer achieves his goals through our services. Ideally, we can help the client understand exactly what they need early on and enable success.

Are there issues you prefer to avoid?

Philipp Orator: Yes, of course. Our expertise is broad, but we also know that no one can cover everything. In such situations, we often seek collaboration with partner companies that have interfaces with our core competencies. For example, we do little work in the area of SAP.

What are the successes so far in the federal environment?

Philipp Orator: One success so far has been collaboration and support in the area of digital government competencies. Over the past few years, we have been able to build up consulting expertise for digitization in the federal environment and support departments, federal offices and cantonal authorities in various mandates. These are often project management mandates in digitization projects, but also support in the areas of competence mentioned above.

Philipp Orator

Business Area Lead


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