Web Configurators

Designing a Human-centered Configurator for the House Building Process


Allowing Family Members to collaborate from different Locations

The user interface has the objective to support customers personally, but it goes way beyond that. Customers get the flexibility to configure their house remotely. Families or business partners can experiment with different variants of their new home/office, weigh them up and make important decisions together.

The interface also serves as a platform for discussion between customers and frontlinee employees. Step by step, a digital duplicate of the prefabricated house is created, which ultimately serves as the basis for the realization of the house.


Making House Planning easy

Based on the results of the user research and the methods for structuring, we designed a tool that shows the customer a user-friendly and easy way through house planning. Because of this low complexity, all options and possibilities of the prefabricated house construction can be offered, explained, and visualized to the customer.


New Functions to increase Customer Satisfaction

The configurator offers customers the opportunity to design their own house directly themselves. With the tool functions "Note" and "Request advice", the builder can point out open decisions. Service employees know when help is needed and can provide precise advice. The customer's holistic user experience and the experts' consulting activities can be made more effective and efficient, creating great potential for customer satisfaction.

Christian Andres

CEO Germany & Austria


Human. Technology. Together.

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