Fette Compacting

HMI in Pharmaceutical Production


Balancing the Digital & Physical Experience

With more than 5,000 installed machines, Fette Compacting is the international market leader in the area of tablet presses in the pharmaceutical industry.

Together, we have not only developed a completely new type of human-machine interface (HMI), but also set new standards in the design of the new generation of tablet presses that focus on the user and his interaction processes with the device.


Next Generation Tableting Technology

Optimized in terms of productivity, flexibility and availability, the FE-series enables the user to produce more than 90 percent of all tablet types as standard without time-consuming retooling. In addition to good accessibility, the design and layout ensure easy disassembly and cleaning.

  • Machine housing made of FDA high-performance plastic - reduction of vibration and noise emissions
  • 113% increase in sales from 2008 to 2018
  • Savings through standardization: up to 20% cost reduction

The interface simplifies the complexity of machines and processes through optimized interaction processes. It promotes situational operating behavior and enhances the positive user experience.

  • Showing decisive parameters at a glance
  • Intuitive operability guarantees high efficiency and safety

Taking User Experience to the Next Level

The use of lightweight components ensures even better handling, for example during assembly or the now significantly easier cleaning options. The new, comprehensive accessibility focuses on the relationship between people and ergonomics. Visual lighting components provide direct information on the status of production and the machine.

The human-machine interface simplifies the complexity of the machines and processes through optimized interaction sequences. It promotes situationally appropriate operating behavior, enhances the user experience when operating and controlling machines.

Together with you, we design standard-compliant medical products for the global healthcare market. Making products safe and intuitive to use are our two main focuses.

Lukas Wittwer
Lukas Wittwer

CEO Germany & Austria


Human. Technology. Together.

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