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Digital Turnaround in Aerospace & Defense

Today's Aerospace and Defense companies must deliver programs that meet all technical, regulatory, and performance requirements at cost and on schedule. All processes and components must withstand rigid certification procedures.

At the same time, more and more data is being collected and processes are becoming increasingly complex. Immediate processing and evaluation of data at factory and supply chain level is crucial to optimize work steps and ultimately save time and costs.

Consulteer guides you through the regulatory jungle of the aviation world and helps you establish the right business models and technologies. Creating a sustainability strategy together with Consulteer's experienced innovators will enable you to:

  • Be agile and adapt to market changes quickly
  • Simplify any complex supply chain
  • Achieve cost reduction by getting better value
  • Improve your strategic industry capability by offering sophisticated services

Innovation driven by Technology

Our certified Aviation Security Consultants and Software Engineers combine all relevant sectors of security, regulatory consulting, aircraft construction, and engineering - all on a global scale.

Thanks to our end-to-end approach, we flexibly combine our expertise to master all security-relevant aspects and to create highly customized solutions, be it for production, training, or maintenance applications and platforms.

Consulteer accompanies you throughout the entire project life cycle from inception to delivery and beyond. Our customers can fully focus on the definition of their requirements, guided through consultations with us.

Next Generation Systems built for the Future

Aerospace and Defense companies design, develop and implement state-of-the-art systems that go beyond operational requirements and the demands of complex applications, such as protection, safety, durability and reliability in hostile conditions from water to space.

Since our experts cover the entire development process for the client, we offer:

  • End-to-end product and design strategy
  • Aerospace and Defense Consulting that covers Business Strategy, Agile
    Transformation, Roadmap Development, Process Design and Operation Management
  • Technology consulting, including CTO as a service, Security Officer as a service, Data Science, IT security, etc.
  • Digital Product Design including UX, Industrial Design, Design Engineering with rapid and efficient prototyping

Our experience in Aerospace and Defense is based on long-standing relationships with demanding customers such as Armasuisse, RUAG and Pilatus Aircraft Ltd., enabling us to deliver industry-leading solutions.

Increase your technological impact with a leading innovation product. Contact us today.

Developing reliable and safe systems in Aerospace & Defence requires routine in dealing with regulations and technologies. This is part of our DNA.

Edi Truttmann

Business Area Lead - Aerospace


Oliver Horisberger

Business Area Lead - Defense


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