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Swiss Armed Forces

Strengthening Swiss cyber resilience

In the future, young IT talents from all over Switzerland will be able to complete a pre-vocational cyber education. A consortium led by Consulteer as general contractor, TIE International as education service provider and Cybercon as cyber experts have won the WTO tender from armasuisse.

Cybercrime on the rise


In today's cyber threat environment, every organization must ask itself the following questions: is my IT security up to date, are my employees armed to protect the organization from today's cyber attacks, are we resilient enough for tomorrow's threat?

Every year, Switzerland records tens of thousands of cyberattacks that are classified as cybercrime. Year after year, this results in economic damage that can be estimated at over 800 million Swiss francs as of 2021. The trend of cyber attacks and damages is rising with an increase of up to 120% depending on the area and the target of the attack.

SPARC - Mission Cybersecurity


The SPARC project is the Swiss answer to cyber challenges. Consulteer is a proud partner of this innovative educational initiative, which uses modern e-learning, virtual training scenarios and practical exercises to train highly qualified cyber defenders.

The goal is to protect Switzerland and its institutions from future threats by using modern cyber simulation technologies based on the educational content of Swiss ICT vocational training. The platform not only promotes knowledge and skills, but also the networking of cybersecurity experts.

Strengthening cyber resilience together

Consulteer is a long-standing partner of the Swiss Armed Forces for IT services and cyber security. As a general contractor for cyber training, we guarantee that the Swiss Armed Forces can identify and develop targeted talent in the field of cyber security, thus ensuring our country's IT security in the long term.

Each year, around 400 people are expected to take part in the training. Through a steep learning curve as well as two challenging exams, the best are selected at the end for the Swiss Armed Forces cyber training course. In order to attract suitable individuals for the pre-professional training, marketing measures and training events are planned in all parts of Switzerland. The privacy of individual course participants is taken very seriously.

Consulteer is proud to be a trusted partner of the Swiss Armed Forces, delivering critical IT services and cybersecurity solutions.


Andri Steinmann

Business Area Lead - Cyber Security

[email protected]

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