Enlightening the User Experience


Modular, User-friendly and Robust

The focus was on developing a highly flexible system that could withstand the potentially harsh conditions of the industrial environment while being as filigrane as possible.


Symbiosis: Design and Functionality

With the linura.edge, Consulteer has rethought industrial lighting systems. Made of acrylic glass, the LED lens provides a unique light diffusion that sets it apart from the market. Together with Waldmann, a sophisticated sealing concept was developed to make the luminaire resistant to high ambient temperatures, liquids and dust.


A highly flexible System

Primarily for machine interiors, the IP54 standard luminaire features a clear yet dynamic design. The modular design ensures adaptability to different installation situations. By means of so-called quick-snap brackets, mounting and adjustment are possible with just one movement.

The industry is undergoing a massive transformation. With our in-depth knowledge in this industry, we help you understand how your customers use your products and take advantage of the latest technologies to redefine the playing field.

François-Pierre Vivot

Founder & CSO


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