Industrial & Machinery


Between Customization and Efficiency

There is no doubt that manufacturing today is undergoing major change: Costs must be reduced, customer-specific requirements must be met, and new ideas must be realized. This makes the need to simplify complex manufacturing processes much bigger. Industrial companies have to: structure processes and services efficiently, use new technologies and innovative materials, and employ powerful software.

That's why we don’t think of solitary solutions—we at Consulteer always strive for holistic and systemic innovations. This way, even the seemingly impossible can be achieved: Customization cost savings, and resource efficiency at the same time.


Combining the Intelligence of Human & Machine

At Consulteer, we work on behalf of leading technology companies to integrate the latest new developments into systems, products, and processes. We support SMEs and global players as they move towards fully automated and networked production.

We help our partners, who are global leaders in mechanical engineering and production technology, to put people at the forefront of their corporate strategy. We work closely alongside them to design and develop holistic solutions that create added value for their company.

We forge the connection between the users, technology and business and incorporate all interfaces into our approach.

François-Pierre Vivot

Founder & CSO


Human. Technology. Together.

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