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At the Forefront of Financial Transformation

Massive digitization and the rise of new technologies have changed the needs of customers in the finance sector. Fintech is the new aspect of the finance sector that is becoming mainstream. Financial institutions that don't have a fintech app are well behind your competition.

Moreover, concepts like Self-Service, Smart Banking, and Open Banking are rising. As a result, banks are confronted with ever-new service requirements. A banking app is a must, and blockchain should be a term you're well aware of.

Finding a reliable fintech app development partner is the first step towards a result-oriented digital transformation process that leads to outstanding user experience, primarily for the mobile app user.

The biggest Challenges of the Financial Services Industry

Sensitive financial data must be accessible at any time and from any location. Sound knowledge of Big Data and service-oriented end-to-end skillset helps banks to remain fit for the future. Relying on a blockchain-based infrastructure means having a security-first approach that protects user data.

The next, and maybe the biggest challenge, is the user. Users have never been more demanding than today. They want to automate everything. On top of that, they need software solutions that engage them and educate them about today's dynamic FinTech industry.

Finally, dealing with complex digital ecosystems requires broad, mature knowledge of the specific enterprise-grade structures. In this respect, in addition to purely technical expertise, trust and long-standing partnerships are key.

The Solution: A reliable Financial Software Development Partner

Consulteer can be your partner in the journey of financial transformation. Our full-stack financial software development services can help you:

  • Get to the forefront of financial transformation
  • Create a future-proof, mobile-first fintech experience based on easy-to-use digital tools
  • Identify the fintech solutions that resonate most with your target customer
  • Rely on modern technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, and machine learning to create next-generation tools with significantly reduced time-to-market, such as e-wallets, AI-powered Robo advisors, and more

Unlocking Value in Banking with End-to-end Processes & Outstanding Customer Experience

For more than 10 years, Consulteer has accompanied renowned banks as PostFinance in their digital transformation, be it through the implementation of new technologies, strategies, or business models.

Developing FinTech Software together with our Partners

We design, develop and integrate customer-centric end-to-end solutions to help you realize your full potential. We combine a high level of technical expertise with industry-specific know-how.

Here's just a portion of what we offer:

  • Agile product development and transformation, including project management, roadmap creation, step-by-step process design & deployment, and product strategy
  • IT security brought by our Data Science, DevOps, and other security experts
  • Product strategy that involves the design, UX, and innovation side of the fintech app
  • Market validation based on customer insights and usability testing
  • Digital products that cover all channels, including mobile and web apps
  • Financial software development of cloud-based products using the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, blockchain, and more.

Let's build a bright financial future for everyone. Contact our fintech experts to find the best solution for your business.

We think and create alongside our customers - far beyond market release. Reach out and together we can ensure the success of your future-proof fintech or insurance product.

Dragoslav Milovanović

Principal Consultant


Human. Technology. Together.

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