Medical & Life Sciences


A Regulatory Jungle increasing Time-To-Market

The requirements for medical devices and their marketing are becoming increasingly complex. More and more regulations, standards, laws, and guidelines are creating major challenges for manufacturers. At the same time, medical technology companies have to compete more and more in the international market. This makes time-to-market an increasingly important factor.

Creating market-ready and safe products is part of the Consulteer DNA. Our interdisciplinary team of experts combines knowledge from the fields of Business Consulting, Human-Centered Design & Software Engineering. We successfully support renowned medical technology companies in numerous fields of activity: from the development of ready-to-use medical devices and applications to norm-conforming (clinical) studies.


User-Centered Risk Management

At the start of your project, we incorporate the needs of both patients and medical staff, ensuring the right market adoption of your medical product later on. We support you right from the start of the development process through to approval of your medical product and far beyond through market observation.

Consulteer has partnered up with key players in the medical and life science industry in the implementation of ambitious projects in the fields of Data Driven Automation, Data Science, Data Engineering, Agile Project Management, and Data Architecture.

Sabine Ivey-Frank

Senior Project Manager / UX Design Lead


Human. Technology. Together.

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