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A Regulatory Jungle increasing Time-To-Market

The requirements for medical devices and their marketing are becoming increasingly complex. More and more regulations, standards, laws, and guidelines are creating major challenges for companies in healthcare manufacturing on a global scale.

Medical device design is becoming more regulated, and more complex. Equipment testing and verification are a must, making sure all device manufacturers adhere to all ISO standards.

At the same time, medical technology and equipment providers have to compete more and more in the international market, while new technology is constantly emerging. This makes time-to-market an increasingly important factor.

Creating market-ready and safe products is part of the Consulteer DNA. Our interdisciplinary team of experts combines knowledge from the fields of Business Consulting, Human-Centered Design & Software Engineering.

We successfully support renowned medical technology companies in numerous fields of activity: from the development of ready-to-use medical devices and applications to norm-conforming (clinical) studies.

What do you get from working with Consulteer?

  • A product that meets all regulatory requirements
  • World-class medical device consultants at your service
  • A new product development process that supports ergonomics, diagnostics, IoMT, SaMD, and all the latest developments in medical technology
  • A team of innovation experts supporting you in medical product design, development, and manufacturing, taking you to the forefront of digital transformation

User-Centered Risk Management

At the start of your project, we incorporate the needs of both patients and medical staff, ensuring the right market adoption of your medical product later on.

We support you right from the start of the development process through to approval of your medical product and far beyond through market observation. Working with many prominent medical industry players has given us the ability to adapt our service to your specific case, whether you're a medical device manufacturer, a pharmaceutical company, or any other type of healthcare provider.

Key Healthcare Technology Services

Consulteer has partnered up with key players in the medical and life science industry in the implementation of ambitious projects in the fields of Data Driven Automation, Data Science, Data Engineering, Agile Project Management, and Data Architecture. Here are some of the services that we provide:

  • End-to-end covering of the entire medical device development process: from research, to prototype and validation
  • Top-notch medical device and product design services, including UX/UI design, ergonomic equipment testing, industrial design, and 3D modeling
  • Medical device engineering that includes design engineering, manufacturing support, and device software development based on the latest technologies
  • Product development based on agile methodologies, adapting to the dynamic and ever-changing needs of the medical technology industry

Our deep expertise in the medical & life sciences industry comes from long-lasting partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers, such as WAVE Contact Lenses. Together with our clients, we succeeded in taking medical device development to the next level.

Contact us to see how we can skyrocket your impact in the medical technology space.

Together with you, we design standard-compliant medical products for the global healthcare market. Making products safe and intuitive to use are our two main focuses.

Lukas Wittwer
Lukas Wittwer

CEO Germany & Austria


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