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WAVE Contact Lenses

Customizing contact lenses with ease

WAVE is a premium brand of custom specialty contact lenses. The WAVE contact lens system provides ophthalmologists with an advanced CAD/CAM software platform that allows them to empirically design fully customized contact lenses based on corneal topographies and send them to the laboratory for manufacturing.

Intuitive contact lens design

In order to maintain its leading position in the optical industry, WAVE wanted to revamp the interface of its software. The goal of this redesign was to create a contemporary, user-friendly and accessible tool, suitable for both experienced professionals and newcomers.

User-centric innovation

Our approach included an in-depth study of user needs. The result is a software platform that not only simplifies navigation, but also increases productivity and accuracy in contact lens design and procurement.

Optics redefined

The new WAVE contact lens system offers a clean design that combines aesthetics and ease of use. The software's central functions are easily accessible and provide an overview of all important lens data. The new design provides an easy transition for long-time users while improving the learning curve for beginners.

In addition, the new QML and C++ programming languages provide stability and flexibility, ensuring fast and smooth performance with fewer errors. In summary, the benefits of the new WAVE contact lens system include

  • A modern, visually appealing design

  • A user-friendly navigation structure

  • Improved productivity and efficiency when designing and ordering contact lenses

  • Easy transition for long-time users and improved learnability for newcomers

  • Faster and smoother performance with fewer errors

Together, we design standard-compliant medical products for the global healthcare market. Our priority? Making products safe & intuitive to use.


Lukas Wittwer

Managing Director Austria & Germany

[email protected]

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