WAVE Contact Lenses

Customizing Contact Lenses with Ease


Modernizing the User Interface

WAVE Contact Lenses was originally developed back in 1999, and continuously evolved to become one of the world’s most advanced brands for designing custom contact lenses. To keep that level of standard, the user interface needed to be adapted to become more user-friendly, accessible, and easy to interact with, while also receiving a contemporary look and feel.

We chose a user-centered approach to deliver the best user experience, understanding user needs and stakeholder requirements, creating design concepts and a high-fidelity prototype as well as iteratively verifying the concepts with evaluation techniques.


Increased Ease of Use and Productivity

Based on extensive UX research, we developed an intelligent software solution combined with an exciting new design that allows users to fully concentrate on designing contact lenses with improved productivity. We made sure that the software offers an easy transition for long-term users coming from the old software version while also increasing the ease of learning for any novice users.


An Accessible and User-friendly App

The new WAVE Contact Lens System user interface offers a clean, visually appealing, state-of-the-art design, including a well-thought-out navigational structure that is easy to use and understand, especially to new product users.

The main design screen provides the users with an overview of all important lens data. All central software functions are easily accessible, allowing for overall greater efficiency in designing and ordering contact lenses.

In addition to the new design, the software further received an update concerning programming languages. QML and C++ ensure stability and flexibility, while providing a fast and smooth performance that is less error-prone.

Together with you, we design standard-compliant medical products for the global healthcare market. Making products safe and intuitive to use are our two main focuses.

Sabine Ivey-Frank

Senior Project Manager / UX Design Lead


Human. Technology. Together.

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