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Towards front-end excellence

C Portrait: Jovan Radosavljević

Learn more about Jovan Radosavljević, a talented front-end developer at Consulteer in Zrenjanin, Serbia. With a passion for continuous personal and professional development, Jovan has overcome challenges and reached important milestones with the support of his colleagues. In this exclusive interview, we provide insights into Jovan's daily routine, uncover what drives his unwavering motivation, and explore his remarkable journey at Consulteer. Join us as we gain insights into Jovan's experiences and are inspired by his dedicated pursuit of excellence.

How would you describe your development path at Consulteer?

Jovan: My development path at Consulteer was shaped by the invaluable mentorship I received from experienced professionals. They guided me, provided feedback, and shared industry insights. Through meaningful projects, I applied theoretical knowledge gained through academic studies in a practical setting.I learned how to collaborate with cross-functional teams, communicate effectively, and deliver results under deadlines. Real-world challenges exposed me to the company's workflow, cutting-edge technologies, and the business landscape, helping me to make decisions about my career path within the company and giving me a clearer understanding of the areas I wanted to specialize in.

What was your most significant achievement that you are proud of?

Jovan: During my internship, I developed a strong expertise in React by actively working on real-world projects. Through hands-on experience, I developed a strong expertise in React and gained in-depth knowledge of its various components and features. A standout achievement was leading the development of a web application using React.Collaborating with a team, I successfully implemented complex UI components, integrated APIs, and ensured seamless functionality across devices and browsers. Additionally, I optimized project workflow by introducing tools like Git, Agile principles, and continuous integration, improving collaboration, and enhancing overall productivity.

What was the biggest challenge you have faced and explain the strategies you employed to overcome it?

Jovan: Collaborating within a diverse and cross-functional team can be a significant but enriching challenge. I firmly believe that collaboration is crucial because it brings together various perspectives, expertise, and ideas. However, working with individuals from diverse backgrounds and specializations can present communication and coordination challenges.To overcome this challenge, I proactively improved my collaboration skills. I engaged in team-building activities, attended company-wide meetings, and fostered open communication with my team. I understood the value of active listening, empathy, and flexibility in understanding different perspectives and achieving shared objectives.

What is the most significant advantage of participating in Consulteer's internship program?

Jovan: Participating in Consulteer's internship program offers significant advantages. One key benefit is gaining hands-on experience with industry-leading tools and technologies. Consulteer prioritizes staying up-to-date with the latest advancements, allowing interns to work with cutting-edge software with high market value.Another advantage is exposure to diverse teams and projects. Consulteer promotes inclusivity and allows interns to collaborate with professionals from different backgrounds and expertise. This experience enhances adaptability, cross-functional teamwork, and problem-solving abilities.

How has your participation in the Consulteer Internship Program influenced your personal development?

Jovan: During the internship, you will have the opportunity to work alongside professionals who embody integrity and a dedication to delivering high-quality results. Consulteer's internship program immerses you in their work culture, skill enhancement, and networking opportunities. These shape your work ethic, inspire, and set the stage for long-term career aspirations. The internship experience also provides valuable insights into the industry and the practical application of your academic knowledge. You can see firsthand how the concepts and theories you learned in your studies are implemented in real-world scenarios.I encourage you to pursue internship opportunities like Consulteer's, as they can provide a transformative experience that lays the groundwork for a successful professional journey.

What sets Consulteer apart? It's clearly the human-centered approach, our strong focus on people in everything we do.


Kathrin Speidel

Head of HR

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