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Towards QA Excellence

C Portrait: Una Sovilj

Meet Una Sovilj - an ambitious and talented QA Developer at Consulteer in Zrenjanin, Serbia, who embarked on a transformative journey with Consulteer's internship program. From her initial role as a developer to transitioning into Quality Assurance, Una's internship experience has been marked by remarkable personal and professional growth.In this exclusive interview, we dive into Una's development path, explore her proudest achievements, and uncover the challenges she overcame with the invaluable support of her mentors and the entire Consulteer team. Get inspired by Una's dedication to continuous learning and her pursuit of excellence.

How would you describe your development path at Consulteer?

Una: My internship journey has been a transformative development path, starting as a developer and transitioning to QA. As a developer, I gained a strong foundation in software development principles, coding languages, and problem-solving skills, which provided me with a valuable perspective on the development process and enhanced my understanding of software engineering. However, as I further honed my skills, I realized the significant impact that quality assurance has on software products. This recognition sparked my interest in QA, prompting me to explore this field and pursue a transition from development to QA.

What was your proudest and most significant achievement?

Una: My biggest achievement lies in my ability to adapt to various projects and excel in managing and navigating through them. Effective communication has been the key to my success in this aspect. Balancing multiple projects simultaneously has been a testament to my organizational skills and ability to prioritize tasks effectively. By maintaining clear and open lines of communication, I have been able to understand and meet the unique requirements of each project, ensuring successful outcomes and client satisfaction.

This adaptability and adeptness in managing multiple projects have been instrumental in my professional growth and achievements. I have always been open to new challenges as they provide opportunities for growth and learning. Embracing these challenges allows us to continually progress and expand our skills.

Currently, I am in the process of learning Cypress, and I am eagerly looking forward to applying this knowledge to real-world projects. Setting goals is crucial because they drive us to constantly strive for improvement. With each milestone reached, I am motivated to push myself further and continue advancing.

What was your biggest challenge, and how did you overcome it?

Una: My biggest challenge was successfully transitioning into the world of QA. While QA wasn't entirely unfamiliar to me as I had a background in development, learning something new always presents its challenges. Thanks to my mentor's guidance, I was able to navigate the transition into QA with confidence. However, it is particularly thanks to the company's support and understanding that I was able to smoothly make my way into the QA realm.

Both the company and my mentor recognized my potential and provided me with the necessary resources and opportunities to excel in QA. They understood the value of my previous development experience and leveraged it to bridge the gap between the two roles. This understanding allowed me to adapt seamlessly to the QA world and contribute effectively to the company's testing efforts.

What is the most significant advantage of participating in Consulteer's internship program?

Una: One of the most significant advantages of Consulteer is the provision of dedicated mentors assigned to each intern. These mentors possess extensive knowledge and are readily available to address any challenges that may arise or to impart new knowledge to the interns. They offer invaluable guidance, support, and expertise throughout the entire internship program, ensuring a rewarding learning experience. Whether interns encounter difficulties or seek to broaden their skill set, the mentors are there to help and foster a productive learning journey. With their expertise and personalized attention, Consulteer's mentors truly enrich the intern's learning experience.

Can you share how your involvement in Consulteer's internship program has influenced your personal growth?

Una: My internship at Consulteer has provided me with a profound sense of professional clarity and helped me identify my areas of expertise. At Consulteer, we cultivate a collaborative environment where learning and growth are nurtured through mutual support. The internship experience has not only shaped my career trajectory but also fostered a strong bond of camaraderie among colleagues.

This internship at Consulteer has been a transformative journey of self-discovery, leading me to find my true passion However, it is particularly thanks to the company's support and understanding that I was able to smoothly make my way into the QA realm. Moreover, it has granted me the privilege of being a part of a supportive work family.

I invite aspiring professionals to join us and embark on their internship journey at Consulteer, where they can experience personal and professional growth alongside a dedicated and supportive team. Together, we can contribute to the ongoing success of Consulteer and create a meaningful impact in the IT industry.

What sets Consulteer apart? It's clearly the human-centered approach, our strong focus on people in everything we do.


Kathrin Speidel

Head of HR

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