UX Approach streamlines Processes


One Panel for all Systems

To reduce learning times for new users, to digitise the work processes, to simplify controlling – and all this with a maximum user experience and simultaneous integration of four different control systems (with SIEMENS / with MAPPS on MITSUBISHI or FANUC): Together with our partner DMG MORI, however, we went one step further…


The Revolution in UI Paradigms

The introduction of modern UI paradigms to the world of production machines. Much higher quantities are achieved through fast operation and tooling.

CELOS® is as easy to use as a smartphone, simplifying and accelerating the process from idea to finished product.

CELOS® combines production and management structures and in doing so creates the basis for a fully digitized, paperless production environment.


Control by Touch

The worldwide simplification of the interface design, the modern look and the unique multi-touch operation make CELOS® the indispensable “tool” of a new generation.

The industry is undergoing a massive transformation. With our in-depth knowledge in this industry, we help you understand how your customers use your products and take advantage of the latest technologies to redefine the playing field.

François-Pierre Vivot

Founder & CSO


Human. Technology. Together.

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