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A cloud-based all-in-one solution for cabs

Digitalization has had a major impact on cab companies. Together with an experienced cab company, we have been working on equipping traditional transportation providers with agile digital tools and managing the paradigm shift that platforms like Uber have introduced.

Fully interoperable

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Experience the future of cab management with CTS, a state-of-the-art digital solution that combines two applications and two software modules into a single, cloud-based ERP framework. CTS is seamlessly scalable and provides you with turnkey features that enable efficient operations and an enhanced user

Transparent operations

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CTS's state-of-the-art Dispatch and Driver App simplifies operations by providing real-time trip updates and an organized list of rides. With a holistic User App, passengers enjoy effortless ride booking, fare calculations, and personalized preferences, while the Driver App empowers drivers with real-time geolocation, effective communication, and ride tracking.

Efficient cab management for all

Our solution revolutionizes the cab industry and enables even small businesses to keep up with the industry giants. Passengers benefit from simplified bookings, personalized settings and efficient payment options. Businesses can leverage comprehensive management tools for streamlined operations. We promote engagement and change to make the cab industry successful in the digital age.

At Consulteer, we combine the empathy to understand the needs of your users with a hands-on mentality & turn visions into market-ready solutions.

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Andreas Ebermann

Team Lead Design

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