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United Grinding

Operate the machine like a smartphone

UNITED GRINDING Group, a market and technology leader in the industry, wanted to set new standards in the development of digitalization and future machine operation. Our task was to create a control panel design that reflects modern trends and revolutionizes the operation of CNC production machines.

Machine operation: Easy & intuitive

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Our mission was to develop a new control panel that was based on the concept of digital machine operation and made handling much simpler and more intuitive. Only the essential physical operating elements were to be included.

The new control panel will be shared by all subsidiaries of the UNITED GRINDING Group to ensure a consistent and unique user experience across the group. It will be attached to the machines via the existing connection concept (arm) to ensure easy and retrofittable implementation.

Focussing on the essentials

230719 CORE Panel 3-content image c buma

The new C.O.R.E. panel is extremely slim, lightweight and features a clever ergonomic layout. Instead of keys, the user is presented with a modern, clear 24-inch multi-touch display. This is the optimal solution for an all-digital user interface that enhances user comfort and saves space.

Physical buttons have been reduced to the essentials to control basic machine functions. The control elements and overall layout have been analyzed and confirmed by tests with users in real working situations. The newly developed rotary switch in the center is a customized solution developed as part of this project.

A consistent user experience

Thanks to the new panel layout and the large multi-touch display, we achieved a new and unique user experience in CNC-machine operations. The user experience was highly improved due to the new layout and ergonomic distribution of controlling elements.

As the new panel is shared by all subsidiaries of UNITED GRINDING Group, we achieved a consistent user experience. As a part of the C.O.R.E. ecosystem, the Panel, together with the C.O.R.E OS establishes a technical foundation for installation of addtional digital products directly on the machine, as well as other IoT and data applications.

Our execution-driven approach, coupled with a seamless end-to-end process, ensures impactful solutions making a tangible difference.


Francois-Pierre Vivot

Founder & CSO

[email protected]

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