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A Design Strategy for XXL Construction Machinery

In the world of industrial heavy machinery, design is often overlooked, but not at Liebherr. For over 5 years, Consulteer proudly shapes the overall vision of XXL construction machines for this family-owned business.

Our goal is to revolutionize the construction machinery industry through pioneering UX- and industrial design, with a steadfast focus on safety and user-friendliness for crane operators.

Giving shape to innovative strength

Giving shape to innovative strength

Innovation has been the driving force behind Liebherr-Werk Nenzing GmbH from the very beginning, with new product developments running at full speed. Consulteer strategically harmonized the mobile and crawler crane portfolio, focusing on innovation while enhancing safety and ease of use for crane operators.

The result? A clear design strategy for future product generations that effectively communicates Liebherr's core values - reliability, intelligence and innovation.

Consistency in mind


Our design strategy combines the traditional Liebherr yellow with new accents in black, gray and white, reflecting the fusion of long-standing tradition and corporate values with future-oriented technologies.

The consistent color scheme creates a uniform appearance in all product areas. Unique graphic elements clearly differentiate the product lines and strengthen the brand identity. Flexible product graphics allow for customized variants that integrate seamlessly into the CI. The introduction of new safety features creates safer working conditions and strengthens trust in the brand.

Enhanced working environment


The new generation of mobile and crawler cranes prioritizes one thing above all: safety. Improved railings and platforms on the uppercarriage underline this focus. An additional add-on holder for lamps or cameras increases the flexibility of the design.

In the new cab, the driver immediately experiences the harmonious integration of the overall concept: reduced noise, all-round visibility and driver comfort thanks to the modern air conditioning system. The stone guard offers additional safety.

Designing for zero emissions


A new generation of battery-powered cranes sets new standards for future key innovations. The Unplugged series was born - a world first. Its emission-free operation actively reduces both environmental impact and noise pollution - a milestone in sustainable technology.

The design concept of machine and HMI makes electromobility tangible and serves as a guideline for the integration of future-oriented technologies into Liebherr's corporate design language.

Strong brand. Safe machines.

The clear visual differentiation of the product lines and the emphasis on brand-typical elements led to a strengthened brand identity for Liebherr. The consistent implementation of design standards, coupled with a focus on user-friendliness and safety, consolidated Liebherr's position as an innovator in the industry and exceeded user expectations.

Our execution-driven approach, coupled with a seamless end-to-end process, ensures impactful solutions making a tangible difference.


Francois-Pierre Vivot

Founder & CSO

[email protected]

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