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Federal Office for Customs & Border Security

Seamless customs clearance for Switzerland

With the DaziT initiative, the Federal Office for Customs and Border Security (BAZG) has taken a pioneering step towards modernization and digitalization. DaziT, derived from "Dazi" (Rhaeto-Romanic for customs) and "T" (for transformation), aims to strengthen Switzerland's competitiveness and increase border security. The focus is on the simplification and digitalization of assessment and control processes.

As part of DaziT, the "Passar" project was launched, an innovative goods traffic system that will gradually replace the existing NCTS and e-dec freight applications. The gradual introduction of "Passar" from June 2023 marks a milestone in the modernization of the Swiss customs system.

As a partner of the BAZG, Consulteer actively supports the implementation of these key topics, playing a key role in the digital transformation of Swiss customs and contributing to the overall vision of DaziT.

Future-proof systems for goods traffic


The digitalization of Swiss customs as part of the DaziT programme is the answer to the challenges posed by the constantly growing movement of goods.

The enormous daily border crossings - two million people, one million vehicles and 21,000 trucks - illustrate the urgency. Previous processes with time-consuming controls and duplicate data entry led to delays at borders and in the supply chain.

The Federal Customs Administration has launched the DaziT programme to simplify and digitalize all customs processes by 2026. The enormous daily border crossings - two million people, one million vehicles and 21,000 trucks - illustrate the urgency.

Passar 1.0


Passar is revolutionizing Swiss customs clearance. Since June 1, 2023, it has been gradually replacing the legacy NCTS and e-dec systems.

The focus is on standardized processes to minimize bureaucratic hurdles, including early goods documentation prior to transport and mobile app notifications for drivers.

Activation is not only carried out by the forwarding offices, but also by a license plate recognition system at large customs offices, which automatically activates the goods declarations. The result is shorter waiting times at the borders and a smoother declaration process.

Mastering complexity

The successful implementation of DaziT, in particular Passar, underlines Consulteer's capabilities as a reliable technology partner. Consulteer acts with broad expertise and successfully takes on various roles in complex public administration projects. The partnership-based collaboration goes beyond technological implementation and helps to sustainably shape the digital transformation of Swiss customs.

Consulteer's core competence in the public sector lies in driving projects forward - by taking the bigger picture first & then moving into specific roles.

Philipp Orator

Philipp Orator

Business Area Lead - Public Sector

[email protected]

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