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Efficient testing of surgical VR simulations

Medical training is essential for students and surgeons to gain the skills needed to perform complex surgical procedures with precision and accuracy. Traditional training methods may not provide enough hands-on experience, leading to extended learning periods and potential errors in the operating room. To address this issue, VirtaMed provides medical training with life-like surgery simulators and realistic surgical instruments adapted to training.

A multitude of scenarios


However, managing the many scenarios available on VirtaMed's simulators was a challenge, as it required a manual process that was both time-consuming and costly. VirtaMed needed an automated process that would help developers check if and which changes made in the surgical simulation affect its completion. Reliable acceptance tests would improve the management of the many scenarios available on their simulators. This is where Consulteer and Nomtek collaborated to create an automated acceptance testing framework in Unity.

An automated test framework in Unity


The Unity-based framework for automated acceptance testing replicates surgical tools and makes it easy to check comprehensive scenario parameters. The tests simulate step-by-step procedures to ensure compliance with specifications. With the click of a mouse, developers can check the functionality of procedures after modification. Digital work in surgery offers profound learning experiences and challenges the team to master complicated contexts.

Perfection through efficient tests

Virtual reality simulators refine surgeons' skills and reduce errors during real operations. The automated tests ensure precision in instruments and procedures and increase the efficiency of training.

Automated testing accelerates the validation of scenarios and allows VirtaMed to quickly integrate new simulations into the curriculum.

Together, we design standard-compliant medical products for the global healthcare market. Our priority? Making products safe & intuitive to use.


Lukas Wittwer

Managing Director Austria & Germany

[email protected]

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