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New Human-Robot Interaction

The challenge in design engineering lies in the integration of the surrounding LED light line, which enables the communication between the transport vehicle and users. Light signals visually indicate the mode of AGV: whether it is waiting, turning, or braking, and the direction it’s traveling to.

It’s technically challenging to integrate the Lightline over its full length without compromising the stability of the cover. But, we succeeded. After all, considering a payload of up to 1,200 KG, robustness and safety were our top priorities.


More autonomous, quicker and smarter

We created a solution that enabled direct communication between the AGV and humans via light signals. Our modular design approach included symmetric design for omnidirectional (360°) movement and speed. We have created a compact and dynamic design for reduced turning radius and improved motion aspects.

Furthermore, the vehicle is independent of moving direction and enables utilization of the same parts (design-to-cost).


Highest Motion Dynamics and Modularity

A key feature is its omnidirectional drive, which allows the AGV to move in any direction at any time. The directional independence is also reflected in the design due to the symmetry—the front and rear are identical, which also allows the use of the same parts (design-to-cost). The goal of making the vehicle as compact and dynamic as possible in order to reduce the turning circle and improve the movement aspects has been perfectly implemented.

Thanks to a large number of innovative detailed solutions, the OL 1200S fullfills a clear purpose: to simplify complex processes in goods transportation and to make them more efficient and economical.

The industry is undergoing a massive transformation. With our in-depth knowledge in this industry, we help you understand how your customers use your products and take advantage of the latest technologies to redefine the playing field.

François-Pierre Vivot

Founder & CSO


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