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Digital Product Design

Putting people at the center of digital experiences

In the holistic product view, the human-machine interface (HMI) plays a decisive role. But there is a challenge here: increasingly complex processes must be made comprehensible even to inexperienced users. Often, the full potential of systems remains unused because their operation is too complicated.

Our goal is to maximize this potential by clearly structuring the operating processes and creating an intuitive and inspiring user experience.

Digital Design that delights users

We support you in making complex systems accessible via user-friendly interfaces and exploiting the full potential of your digital landscape. By putting people at the center of every phase of product development, we design and implement tailor-made solutions that improve the comfort, safety and efficiency of your end users.

Our UX designers analyse existing systems, define clear requirement profiles and develop personalized, user-centric applications. Together, we create solutions that have a lasting impact and master your digital challenges.

Intuitive Digital Design: Shaping the logic behind interaction


Good user interfaces are defined by a distinct look and feel that provides users with instant overview and control. Our interfaces are designed to display all options clearly, facilitating efficient work. We tailor our interaction concepts to meet the specific needs of your users and the demands of your digital landscape.

By validating assumptions early and conducting ongoing user testing, we systematically refine processes, navigation, and functionalities. This continuous optimization ensures that the user experience in your digital environment is always at its peak.

Design Systems: Ensuring cnsistency & saving costs


Design systems are essential for brand consistency, product quality and cost efficiency. As experts in design systems, we create clear guidelines to ensure a consistent look and feel across different platforms.

Style guides and UI libraries are key elements that increase efficiency in design and development by centrally managing proven resources.

A consistent design, clear structures, and a shared understanding of the look and feel among all stakeholders - when the form is clear, you and your teams can focus on what's important: the content.

Interactive prototypes: Making visions tangible


To ensure that your digital systems meet the needs and expectations of users, we combine hands-on mentality with methodical expertise.

Through interactive prototypes such as click dummies, low- or high-fidelity prototypes, we make your digital systems quickly tangible and enable the verification of existing ideas.

We test the user guidance and functionality of your digital systems at an early stage.

Usability tests: Safe & intuitive products

Digital Product Design

To validate the user-friendliness of your digital systems, we conduct usability tests with users, always taking into account the context of use.

The tests include both the use of your applications and platforms as well as accompanying materials such as instructions for use or training documents.

By analyzing the test results, we can help you to increase the user acceptance of your digital solutions.

Let's shape the future. Together.

Do you want to unlock the full potential of your digital solutions and establish an intuitive and consistent user experience throughout your digital landscape?

Contact us now to collaborate on solutions that will delight your users.

At Consulteer, we combine the empathy to understand the needs of your users with a hands-on mentality & turn visions into market-ready solutions.

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Andreas Ebermann

Team Lead Design

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